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Applications using the A-VB iBilling extension

Application-Value Billing (A-VB) is the Brew® solution that enables in-app purchases.

The A-VB solution offers the ability to serve content associated with incremental or differentiated billing within an application to a subscriber.

  • Incremental—Subscriber can purchase a new racetrack to use in a car racing game
  • Differential—Subscriber can purchase a NASCAR®-branded car (high-value option) the car racing game

The price plan you set up for A-VB applications lets you specify any number of price points depending on the number of pieces of content you build into your application. Price points are separate from the application’s pricing method (purchase, subscription, etc.).

Note: A-VB does not distribute the content or enable a service; your application must be able to submit an A-VB request to the Brew Delivery System, process the response, and complete the appropriate task upon receipt of a successful response.

A-VB extends billing services directly to applications. Applications initiate billing events after the application download transaction. Applications offer additional services (post-application download) for an additional cost to the consumer. These applications require network, web access, file, and A-VB-related privileges to use A-VB services.

An application using the value billing extension can be created as a networked application, which dynamically configures its A-VB service offerings. With this approach, A-VB service offerings may not need to be embedded within the application (e.g., the current list of songs to be purchased) itself. The application can be designed to incorporate dynamic services through access to a network server where the developer manages the A-VB configuration data. This approach provides greater flexibility to add services, as required. This approach requires that you communicate service changes to the commercial channel using the application to prevent your offerings from being denied when the channel does not recognize a new A-VB request.