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Grandfather analysis (GFA)

The goal of grandfather analysis (GFA) is to maximize the reach of a single application (and single testing fee) across multiple devices. Details on the process follow.

A comparison is made between two device models/plaftorm IDs (PIDs) in how they handle Brew® applications. If the devices handle Brew applications the same, they are linked, and applications that pass testing on one device are automatically available for download on the associated device.


  1. Qualcomm or OEM identifies a potential GFA candidate.
  2. Qualcomm compares the device specifications to ensure the parent and child PIDs are compatible.
  3. A sample of applications that have passed testing on the parent PID are tested on the child PID. The sample includes a variety of application types covering the main APIs.
  4. GFA is considered a pass if the device specifications are compatible and no issues are found during application testing.
  5. All applications that pass testing on the parent ID are associated to the child ID.
  6. Once the GFA association is in place, you must select the parent platform ID when you submit your item for testing. If the item passes, it will be made available to all associated PIDs automatically. No additional testing or test fees are incurred.

Note: If you explicitly select a child PID at the time of item submission, the item will be tested on that PID and you will incur a testing charge.

Price plans

Qualcomm recommends creating a price plan that can be associated to the parent and child PIDs. Make sure you work with the commercial channel to take advantage of this opportunity growth.