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Open Catalog program application submittal process (PGP developers)

Developers taking advantage of the Open Catalog program should complete the following steps to get applications pushed to Verizon’s production catalog.

  1. Developer logs in to the Application Signing Portal (ASP) to submit the application.
  2. Application is immediately signed and developer downloads signed package.
  3. Developer registers with Intertek.
  4. Developer uploads application to Intertek for Open Catalog testing.
  5. Intertek tests the application.
  6. Upon successful testing, the application is available in the Distribution Extranet.
  7. Developer sets price plan for Verizon.
  8. Application is available to Verizon.
  9. (Optional) Verizon completes third-party testing.
  10. (Optional) Verizon reviews test results.
  11. Application is pushed to Verizon’s production catalog.