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Extension pricing

Extensions are priced per DAP currency and can have part numbers priced to a specific Brew developer using the extension.

Two pricing methods are allowed for extensions, Flat Fee and Fixed Percentage, and are defined as follows:

  • Flat Fee: The extension manufacturer sets a single fee (e.g., $.50), which they receive each time the using application is purchased. If the using application is purchased as a subscription, the extension developer is paid the flat fee each month the subscription is active.
  • Fixed Percentage: The extension developer sets a single percentage of the DAP (e.g., 2.5 percent), along with a minimum price for the extension. In this model, if the subscriber purchases the application on a subscription basis, the extension manufacturer receives a percentage or minimum price each month, as an ongoing revenue stream.

An extension can be given new pricing terms at any time. Changes do not apply to items that are already using the extension (using applications) and for which price plans have already been activated.

There is no online mechanism for negotiations between extension developers and application developers. Communication must occur offline.