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Value Billing purchase price method example

The Value Billing purchase price method is the only method that offers unlimited price options. Unlike the purchase price method used for application downloads, the VB purchase price method allows developers to enter multiple price points, each identifiable through an associated VB Description and unique VB Price ID. The VB price points are correlated to content available from within the application or from the developer’s content server.

Operators set the VB list price through the catalog management function. The list price can be set to be the same as or higher than the DAP.

An example of the VB Purchase price method follows. In the example, there are three VB price points offered.

Attributes Price point 1 Price point 2 Price point 3
VB Price ID 82899 110901 72263
VB price description Basic content Standard content Premium content
DAP $.99 $1.99 $2.99