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Commercial channel testing

The commercial channel to which you are submitting an item for distribution may perform additional testing, after your item passes Intertek testing, as part of its acceptance program.

The commercial channel test is conducted solely at the discretion of that channel. The targeted commercial channel typically interacts directly with the developer at this point to identify and resolve any issues. Qualcomm encourages commercial channels to disclose all channel-specific item requirements and test cases to developers.

If the item fails this last stage of the testing process, the following scenarios may occur:

  • Item fails for a specific channel but is available to other commercial channels.
  • If the developer is required to modify the item in response to commercial channel testing, the item must be resubmitted to Intertek and will incur an applicable testing fee.

If Qualcomm determines that the reason for failure may be applicable to other commercial channels, the test status for the item may be revoked.

After an item passes testing, the developer is notified by email and receives instructions about the next step in making the item available to commercial channels. This includes providing export compliance information, assigning the item a part number, and setting pricing within the Distribution Extranet.