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Guidelines to errors encountered during item testing

Note: The following is not intended to address all possible errors that can occur during item testing.

  • Interference with device functionality or performance—Items that interfere with the ability of the device to function properly; or the reliability, performance, and availability of device functions. For example, an item will fail if it interferes with:
    • Incoming/outgoing phone calls
    • Incoming/outgoing SMS messages

Note: A networking item, while in a data call, may prevent incoming voice calls, depending on the OEM and operator. This condition will not fail an item.

  • Interference with the wireless network—Items that interfere with the performance of the wireless network, including the performance of other devices on the network.
  • Missing or incorrect functionality—Item will fail if primary functionality is not present or does not meet functional requirements as specified in the Item Specification Template. Missing, incorrect, or additional supporting functionality not described in the Item Specification Template can be reported as an issue.
  • Undocumented functionality or behaviors—Item can be failed if it contains undocumented functionality or behaviors that are not specified in the Item Specification Template or are significant to the item.
  • Instabilities or poor performance—Item will likely be failed if it is unstable or performs poorly, including the following:
    • Device crashes or hangs because of the item.
    • Item crashes, unexpectedly terminates, or hangs.
    • Item performs poorly, making it difficult or impossible to use.
    • Item responses to user requests take longer than 3 seconds when not accompanied by a comfort display (graphic or textual notification that the item is waiting, working, etc.).
    • Item’s display is incomplete or does not fit the device screen properly.
    • Content downloaded or previewed does not match the listed name.
    • Content cannot, or is nearly impossible to, be downloaded due to large content size or poor server connection.
    • Reproducible network error/connection within a 24- to 48-hour time span from first encounter.
    • Sound content is not audible during preview or after download.
    • Item requires the user of a special account, username, password, configuration, or provision, yet this requirement was not provided in the Item Specification Template nor was the third-party test house notified before the test started.