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  • Brew client versions supported: Brew MP
  • Opportunity type: Single-operator catalog
  • Network type: 3G (HSPA 7.2)
  • In-App Purchases capability: Yes
  • Brew authentication required: Yes
  • TRUE Brew┬« Testing (TBT) required: Yes
  • Billing and settlement: Standard
  • Price plan requirements: Please refer to AT&T Brew Guideline Appendix B.


Application Submission Steps

Step 1: Sign up and get authenticated as a Brew developer with Qualcomm and registering with Intertek.
Step 2: Submit application to Intertek for application testing.
Step 3: Set up price plans (via the Distribution Extranet) by pricing applications and manages items.

Intertek Submission Requirements:
When submitting your content to Intertek, pick the appropriate test channel and classification:

  • You can submit native Brew titles using the TRUE Brew Test option or Brew-wrapped widgets using the Brew Wrapped Widgets option.
  • You should carefully select the "Classification" of your application to properly reflect the content category it belongs in: Communications, Entertainment, Extensions, Games, Information, Internet, M-Commerce, Music, None, Other, Position Location, Productivity, Sample Using App, Services, and Utilities.

AT&T Functional Testing Resources:
These testing resources are specifically for AT&T, they cover Functional test requirements for Brew wrapped widgets and Brew wrapped Java content.

Product Marketing Asset Requirements:
When delivering content for AT&T, please follow the requirements in AT&T Brew Guideline Appendix A. This will assist in better promotion of your title.

Content Policy:
Please note that Magid content review is required for all content prior to ingestion for testing and distribution. Additional information can be found on AT&T's Developer Program site, in the Application Requirements document.

Privacy Policy:
Please review AT&T's privacy policy to determine if your content meets AT&T's privacy policy requirements prior to submission. Additional information can be found at

Developer Program site:

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