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Open Catalog for Brew

Open Catalog for Brew

The Open Catalog program for Brew® gives developers enhanced opportunities to bring more applications to market. Verizon Wireless is the first to launch an Open Catalog program for Brew, which gives developers unprecedented access to Verizon's large base of Brew and Brew MP™ customers. The Open Catalog program is an extension of the Verizon Media Store, giving developers the chance to reach consumers outside of their premium catalog. This streamlined process will allow applications that meet certain guidelines to flow through the submission process and reach consumers more quickly.

Verizon Wireless has worked with Qualcomm to offer this program as part of an overall effort to grow the opportunities available for all developers within the ecosystem. The program has three primary benefits for developers:

  1. Decreased time to market
  2. Reduced testing fees
  3. Lower barrier to entry for applications

All of these benefits result in developers having easier access to Verizon's catalog.

With Open Catalog, you will gain more control of your content distribution and can still drive downloads through direct-to-consumer promotional campaigns such as SMS short codes. In addition, your content, regardless of whether it is free or paid, will be discoverable through search and on-deck browsing. There will be no device minimums, so developers only need to support those devices that make sense for their businesses, and other costs for validation, testing and authentication will be lower for Open Catalog.

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