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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Error Codes
The database error code equals the base DB_ERROR_BASE(0x300) plus the code from the table.
  • Error                         Code        Description
    AEE_ADDR_INVALID_FIELD_ID     10          Invalid or Unsupported Field ID.
    AEE_ADDR_INVALID_FIELD_VALUE  11          Invalid Data Value for a Field.
    AEE_ADDR_REC_NOT_FOUND        12          Record not found.
    AEE_ADDR_INVALID_REC          13          Invalid Record.
    AEE_ADDRBOOK_EBADSTATE        14          Addr Book in Bad State.
    AEE_ADDRBOOK_NOCATSUPPORT     15          No support for categories.
    AEE_ADDR_CAT_NOT_SUPPORTED    16          This category not supported.
    AEE_ADDR_FULL                 17          Address book is full
    AEE_ADDR_INVALID_FIELD_LEN    18          Field length too large or small
    AEE_ADDR_INVALID_ENUM_FIELD   19          Cannot restrict record enumeration to this field
    AEE_ADDR_INVALID_ENUM_CAT     20          Cannot restrict record enumeration to this cateogry
    AEE_ADDR_INVALID_ENUM_TYPE    21          Cannot restrict record enumeration to this field type
    AEE_ADDR_NO_UIM               22          UIM not present
    AEE_ADDR_PASSWORD_REQUIRED    23          Password or UIM PIN or unlock code required
    AEE_ADDR_BUSY                 24          Addrbook not ready (e.g. busy reading UIM)
    AEE_ADDR_ACCESS_RESTRICTED    25          Addrbook access is restricted
    AEE_ADDRBOOK_ERR              -1          Unsuccessful operation.