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Brew MP 1.0.2
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ITextCtl ITEXTCTL_SetProperties ITEXTCTL_GetProperties
These are the properties defined for ITextCtl interface.
  • TP_MULTILINE     :If set, text control object is multiple line control.
    TP_FRAME         :If set, text control object has a frame.
    TP_T9_MODE       :(Deprecated)
    TP_RAPID_MODE    :Supports Rapid Entry and uses as default
    TP_NODRAW        :Disables all drawing by the control
    TP_NOUPDATE      :Disables wasteful IDISPLAY_Update() calls
    TP_PASSWORD      :Displays ***, manages correct buffer chars
    TP_INTEGRALHEIGHT:If set this forces the rectangle of the ITEXTCTL_SetRect() 
                      to be of an even height with respect to the character height. 
                      asically there will be no left over space and the text will 
                      fit naturally into the text control. Rather than showing
                      1.5 lines of text it will show either 1 or 2. It will round to 
                      the nearest line height and snap to it.
    TP_FIXSETRECT    :Actual height more closely represents requested height.
    TP_FOCUS_NOSEL   :Act like TextCtl 1, do not alter selection on activation [SetActive(TRUE)]. 
                      TextCtl 2 default is OFF. Flag has no effect with AEECLSID_TEXTCTL_10.
    TP_OLD_MT_CHARS  :Sets the AEE_TM_LETTERS to use same symbols as TextCtl 1 for AVK_1. 
                      TextCtl 2 default is OFF. Flag has no effect with AEECLSID_TEXTCTL_10.
    TP_OVERWRITE	 :Will cause the wildcard character (?) to be selected and overwritten with each
                      character entered
    TP_FONTMORPH     :Changes the font from large to small when string reaches the end
                      of the text box
    TP_AUTOHYPHEN	 :Will auto hyphen the displayed string to US format.
When using TP_PASSWORD and using standard Text methods, you will get actual inputted text and not the *** used to hide actual text.