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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IStatic ISTATIC_SetProperties ISTATIC_GetProperties ISTATIC_Redraw
The properties defined for the IStatic interface.
  • ST_CENTERTEXT           : Center the text.
    ST_CENTERTITLE          : Center the title.
    ST_NOSCROLL             : Do not scroll text.
    ST_TEXTALLOC            : Text allocated on heap; the dialog takes responsibility for freeing it.
    ST_TITLEALLOC           : Title allocated on heap; the dialog takes responsibility of freeing it.
    ST_MIDDLETEXT           : Text is drawn in the middle of the screen.
    ST_UNDERLINE            : Underline the title.
    ST_ICONTEXT             : Text is IImage *.
    ST_ASCII                : Text is single-byte.
    ST_ENABLETAB            : Generate EVT_CTL_TAB when at the top or bottom.
    ST_ENABLE_HLGHT         : Highlights the static if it has focus.
    ST_WRAP_NOBREAK         : Wraps long lines without regard to space characters.
    ST_SCROLL_ONE_SEC       : One-second scroll rate (default).
    ST_SCROLL_QUARTER_SEC   : Quarter-second scroll rate.
    ST_SCROLL_HALF_SEC      : Half-second scroll rate.
    ST_SCROLL_TWO_SEC       : Two-second scroll rate.
After setting ST_WRAP_NOBREAK, call ISTATIC_Redraw() so that the changes will be reflected on the display.