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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This structure specifies the search criteria to be used on a record enumeration intialized using IADDRBOOK_EnumRecInitEx().
  • pCatList : Pointer to an array of categories to search.
  • nCategories : Number of categories in pCatList[].  0 for none in list.
  • pFieldList : Pointer to an array of fields to search.
  • nFields : Number of fields in pFieldList[].  0 for none in list.
  • pTypeList : Pointer to an array of field types to search.
  • nTypes : Number of types in pTypeList[].  0 for none in list.
  • pData : Pointer to data to be matched.  Set to NULL to match all data.
  • dwDataSize : Specifies the size of pData in bytes.
  • fType : Data type of pData
  • flags : Search flags to specify data match criteria
  • typedef struct
       AEEAddrCat *       pCatList;
       int                nCategories;
       AEEAddrFieldID *   pFieldList;
       int                nFields;
       AEEAddrFieldType * pTypeList;
       int                nTypes;
       void *             pData;
       int                dwDataSize;
       AEEAddrFieldType   fType;
       AEEAddrSearchFlags flags;       // Search flags to specify data match criteria
    } AEEAddrEnumRecInfo;
A record is matched if: 1) It is a category match, where the record is in a category that is listed in pCatList[] OR if nCategories is 0. When nCategories is 0, all records are considered category matches.
  • AND
2) It is a field ID match, where the record contains a field that is listed in pFieldList[] OR if nFields is 0. When nFields is 0, all fields are considered field matches.
  • AND
3) It is a data type match, where the record contains a field with a data type listed in pTypeList[] OR if nTypes is 0. When nTypes is 0, all data types are considered data type matches.
  • AND
4) It is a data content match, where a field which is a category, field ID, and data type match, also contains data which matches pData subject to the match criteria specified in the flags field OR if dwDataSize is 0. When dwDataSize is 0, all data content in a field is considered a data content match.