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ASN.1 spaces are collapsed into some IDs for convenience when fetching some certificate parts. The short answer: Pick the value below you want and pass it to X509Chain_GetFieldPart.
There are some limited number of OID subspaces that are interesting to us. In each of those spaces, a few to maybe a few hundred OIDs are of interest.
Thus we divide up a 32-bit integer with the upper 8 bits representing a subspace, and the lower 24 the values in the subspace.
The thing that makes this work is that the last byte of an OID is not encoded in weird ways like the others so we can pattern match down to a subspace and then just OR in the last byte to get the values below (if that makes sense)
Because there are so many OIDs that fit into these spaces that are probably of interest to a only a few humans on the planet, we don't define constants for all of them, but you if you happen to be an interested human, you can still take advantage of this code with the ASNOID_MATCH_SUBSPACE macro.

ASNOID_UNDEFINED        0x00        Unknown to us, good luck and have fun!

ASNOID_SUBSPACES        0xff000000  Mask for subspaces

ASNOID_MATCH_SUBSPACE(oid, subspace) ((oid & ASNOID_SUBSPACES) == subspace)


ASNOID_ANY 0xff000002

ASNOID_END 0xff000003

2.5.4 This is the joint ITU/ISO X.500 attribute tree and encompasses things used
in distinguished names

Binary DER prefix \x06\0x03\x55\x04

ASNOID_X500             0x01000000  The X.500 subspace of ASNOIDs

ASNOID_X500_CN          0x01000003 commonName

ASNOID_X500_CO          0x01000006 country

ASNOID_X500_LO          0x01000007 locality Name

ASNOID_X500_ST          0x01000008 stateOrProvinceName

ASNOID_X500_O           0x0100000A organizationName

ASNOID_X500_OU          0x0100000B organizationUnitName

1.2.840.113549.1.1 This is PKCS1 space. Part of PKCS, which is part of RSADSI, which
is part of the US which is an ISO member body...

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x09\x2a\x86\x48\x86\xf7\x0d\x01\x01

ASNOID_PKCS1            0x02000000  The PKCS1 subspace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA        0x02000001  1.2.840.113549.1.1.1 rsaEncryption

ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA_MD2    0x02000002  1.2.840.113549.1.1.2 MD2 with rsaEncryption

ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA_MD5    0x02000004  1.2.840.113549.1.1.4 md5withRSAEncryption

ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA_SHA1   0x02000005  1.2.840.113549.1.1.5 sha1withRSAEncryption

ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA_SHA256 0x0200000B  1.2.840.113549.1.1.11 sha256WithRSAEncryption
ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA_SHA384 0x0200000C  1.2.840.113549.1.1.12 sha384WithRSAEncryption
ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA_SHA512 0x0200000D  1.2.840.113549.1.1.13 sha256WithRSAEncryption
ASNOID_PKCS1_RSA_SHA224 0x0200000E  1.2.840.113549.1.1.14 sha256WithRSAEncryption This is secsig subspace, part of OIW, part of ISO orgs Seems like lots
of crypto algorithms identified here. Might be worth adding more defines than we

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x05\x2b\x0e\x03x02

ASNOID_SECSIG           0x03000000  The secsig subspace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_SECSIG_SHA1      0x0300001A SHA-1 hash

2.5.29. This is the joint ITU/ISO X.500 directory tree area for certificate extensions

There is probably more here that would be useful to define constants for

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x03\x55\x1d

ASNOID_CERTEXT             0x04000000  The certificate extensions subspace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_CERTEXT_POLICIES    0x04000003 Certificate policies

ASNOID_CERTEXT_SUBJKEY_ID  0x0400000E Subject Key Identifier

ASNOID_CERTEXT_KEY_USE     0x0400000F Key usage

ASNOID_CERTEXT_SUBJALTNAME 0x04000010 Subject Alternate name

ASNOID_CERTEXT_ISSALTNAME  0x04000011 Issuer Alternate name

ASNOID_CERTEXT_B_CONSTRAIN 0x04000013 Basic constraints

ASNOID_CERTEXT_CRLDIT      0x0400001F CRL distribution points

ASNOID_CERTEXT_POLICIES2   0x04000020 Certificate policies

ASNOID_CERTEXT_AUTHKEY_ID  0x04000023 Authority Key Identifier

ASNOID_CERTEXT_EXT_KEY_USE 0x04000025 Extended Key usage

2.16.840.1.113730.1 ISO/ITU joint assignments by country - USA companies, Netscape

Netscape certificate extensions

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x09\x60\x86\x48\x01\x86\xf8\x42\x01

ASNOID_NETSCAPE_CERT_EXT      0x05000000  Netscape substapce of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_NETSCAPE_CERT_EXT_TYPE 0x05000001  2.16.840.1.113730.1.1 - Netscape certificate type

ASNOID_NETSCAPE_CERT_EXT_GEN  0x0500000D  2.16.840.1.113730.1.13 - Generated by

2.16.840.1.113733.1.7.1 ISO/ITU joint assignments by country - USA companies, Verisign
Certificate policy

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x0B\x60\x86\x48\x01\x86\xf8\x45\x01\x07\x01

ASNOID_VERISIGN_POLICY        0x06000000  Verisign Certificate Policy

ASNOID_VERISIGN_POLICY_QUAL1  0x06000001  Verisign Policy Qualifier

ASNOID_VERISIGN_POLICY_QUAL2  0x06000002  Verisign Policy Qualifier ISO identified orgs, US DoD, Internet assignments, private,
IANA regestered enterprises, Microsoft

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x0A\x2b\x06\x01\x04\x01\x82\x37\x01\x03

ASNOID_MICROSOFT              0x07000000  A subspace of Microsoft

ASNOID_MICROSOFT_SGC          0x07000003  Sever Gated Cryptography

2.16.840.1.113730.4 ISO/ITU joint assignments by country - USA companies, Netscape
International Step up.

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x09\x60\x86\x48\x01\x86\xf8\x42\x04

ASNOID_NETSCAPE_STEP          0x08000000  Netscape subpace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_NETSCAPE_STEP_UP       0x08000001  2.16.840.1.113730.4 - International step up

1.2.840.113549.1.9 This is PKCS9 space. Part of PKCS, which is part of RSADSI, which
is part of the US which is an ISO member body...

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x09\x2a\x86\x48\x86\xf7\x0d\x01\x09

ASNOID_PKCS9                  0x09000000  The PKCS9 subspace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_PKCS9_EMAIL            0x09000001  1.2.840.113549.1.9.1 email address

ASNOID_PKCS9_CONTENTTYPE      0x09000003  1.2.840.113549.1.9.3 Content Type

ASNOID_PKCS9_MESSAGEDIGEST    0x09000004  1.2.840.113549.1.9.4 Message Digest This ISO identified orgs, US Dod, Internet assignments, IANA security,
mechanisms, pkix, private certificate extensions

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x08\x2B\x06\x01\x05\x05\x07\x01

ASNOID_PKIXPRIV               0x0a000000  The Private certificate extension PKIX subspace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_PKIXPRIV_AUTHINFO      0x0a000001 The Authority Info Access field

2.16.840.1.113733.1.6 ISO/ITU joint assignments by country - USA companies, Verisign

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x0a\x60\x86\x48\x01\x86\xf8\x45\x01\x06

ASNOID_VERISIGNPRIV           0x0b000000  Verisign privately assigned

ASNOID_VERISIGNPRIV_BREWPERM  0x0b000011  BREW digital sig permissions

1.2.840.113549.2 These are digest algorithms in PKCS1 space. Part of PKCS, which
is part of RSADSI, which is part of the US which is an ISO member body...

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x08\x2a\x86\x48\x86\xf7\x0d\x02

ASNOID_PKCS1DIGEST            0x0c000000

ASNOID_PKCS1DIGEST_MD2        0x0c000002  The MD2 algorithm

ASNOID_PKCS1DIGEST_MD5        0x0c000005  The MD5 algorithm

This OID is wrong, RSA did not define an OID for SHA-1, this value
is for HMAC-SHA1.
ASNOID_PKCS1DIGEST_SHA1       0x0c000007  Deprecated, do not use for new programs.

ASNOID_PKCS1DIGEST_HMACSHA1   0x0c000007  The HMAC-SHA1 algorithm This ISO identified orgs, US Dod, Internet assignments, IANA security,
mechanisms, pkix, extended key purpose.

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x08\x2B\x06\x01\x05\x05\x07\x03

ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE              0x0d000000  Extened key use of PKIX subspace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE_SRVRAUTH     0x0d000001 TLS Server Authentication

ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE_CLNTAUTH     0x0d000002 TLS Client Authentication

ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE_CODESIGN     0x0d000003 Code Signing

ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE_EMAIL        0x0d000004 Email Protection

ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE_IPSECEND     0x0d000005 IPsec End System



ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE_TIMESTAMP    0x0d000008 Time Stamping

ASNOID_EXTKEYUSE_OCSPSIG      0x0d000009 OCSP Signing This is ISO identified orgs, US Dod, Internet assignments,
IANA regestered enterprises, Qualcomm, QIS, BREW private cert hierarchy X.509 extensions.

These are OIDs used in BREW private extensions for the BREW app signing system and ADS authentication

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x08\x2B\x06\x01\x04\x01\xb8\x29\x09\x03

ASNOID_BREWX509               0x0e000000     BREW private X.509 extensions

ASNOID_BREWX509_CARRIERID     0x0e00000a  BREW-assigned carriers IDs. See
                                                                   also ASNOID_VERISIGNPRIV_BREWPERM

ASNOID_BREWX509_PLATFORMID    0x0e00000b  BREW-assigned platform IDs

ASNOID_BREWX509_BREWCLASSID   0x0e00000c  BREW class IDs

ASNOID_BREWX509_BREWAPP       0x0e000001   Extened key usage. Per-carrier
                                                                   signed BREW app

ASNOID_BREWX509_TESTENABLE    0x0e000002   Extened key usage. BREW test
                                                                   enable signature

ASNOID_BREWX509_ADSAUTH       0x0e000003   Extened key usage. Authentication
                                                                   of ADS's

ASNOID_BREWX509_TRUEBREW      0x0e000004   Extened key usage. True BREW Tested

ASNOID_BREWX509_S2SVBPAYID  0x0e000010 Payee ID for server-server value billing

ASNOID_BREWX509_S2SVBCARID  0x0e000011 Carrier ID for server-server value billing

2.16.840. These are the NIST digest algorithms

ASNOID_NIST_DIGEST            0x0F000000 // NIST Digest algorithms subspace of ASNOIDS




ASNOID_NIST_DIGEST_SHA224     (ASNOID_NIST_DIGEST | 4)  Component Services arc Component Services arc for ASN1 data structures

ASNOID_APIONE_STRUCTURES          0x10000000

ASNOID_APIONE_SIGFILEENV          0x10000001 SigFileEnvelope (unused?)

ASNOID_APIONE_CODESIGINFO         0x10000002 // apiOneCodeSigInfo

ASNOID_APIONE_SIGBLOCKINFO        0x10000003 // apiOneSigBlockInfo

ASNOID_APIONE_CODESIGINFO2        0x10000004 // apiOneCodeSigInfo2

Component Services certificate extensions


ASNOID_APIONE_PRIVILEGES          0x1000000b Privlages OID


Extended key use indicating Component Services code signing


id-aa-timeStampToken OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { iso(1) member-body(2)

us(840) rsadsi(113549) pkcs(1) pkcs-9(9) smime(16) aa(2) 14 }

Binary DER prefix is \x06\x0b\x2a\x86\x48\x86\xf7\x0d\x01\x09\x10\x02

ASNOID_ID_AA                0x11000000 // 1.2.840.113549.

ASNOID_ID_AA_TIMESTAMPTOKEN 0x1100000E // 1.2.840.113549. Message Digest

id-ct-TSTInfo  OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { iso(1) member-body(2)
us(840) rsadsi(113549) pkcs(1) pkcs-9(9) smime(16) ct(1) 4}
Binary DER prefix is \x06\x0b\x2a\x86\x48\x86\xf7\x0d\x01\x09\x10\x01

ASNOID_ID_CT                0x12000000 // 1.2.840.113549.

ASNOID_ID_CT_TSTINFO        0x12000004 // 1.2.840.113549. TimeStampToken Info

1.2.840.113549.1.7 This is PKCS7 space. Part of PKCS, which is part
of RSADSI, which is part of the US which is an ISO member body...
Binary DER prefix is \x06\x09\x2a\x86\x48\x86\xf7\x0d\x01\x07

ASNOID_PKCS7                        0x13000000 // 1.2.840.113549.1.7   The PKCS7 subspace of ASNOIDS

ASNOID_PKCS7_DATA                   0x13000001 // 1.2.840.113549.1.7.1 Data Content Type

ASNOID_PKCS7_SIGNEDDATA             0x13000002 // 1.2.840.113549.1.7.2 Signed-data Content Type

ASNOID_PKCS7_ENVELOPEDDATA          0x13000003 // 1.2.840.113549.1.7.3 Enveloped-data Content Type

ASNOID_PKCS7_SIGNEDANDENVELOPEDDATA 0x13000004 // 1.2.840.113549.1.7.4 Signed and Enveloped-data Content Type

ASNOID_PKCS7_DIGESTEDDATA           0x13000005 // 1.2.840.113549.1.7.5 Digested-data Content Type

ASNOID_PKCS7_ENCRYPTEDDATA          0x13000006 // 1.2.840.113549.1.7.6 Encrypted-data Content Type

These are not actually ASNOIDs because they're not integers representing OIDS, but
they're used and defined in the same context. These are the bit position or named
bit values for KeyUse.

ASNOID_KEYUSE_DIGSIG          0x0000001

ASNOID_KEYUSE_NONREP          0x0000002

ASNOID_KEYUSE_KEYENC          0x0000004

ASNOID_KEYUSE_DATAENC         0x0000008



ASNOID_KEYUSE_CRLSIGN         0x0000040

ASNOID_KEYUSE_ENCONLY         0x0000080

ASNOID_KEYUSE_DECONLY         0x0000100

A few constants for ASN1 type encoding. These come from ASN1 itself

ASN1_BIT_STRING_TYPE          (0x03)

ASN1_INTEGER_TYPE             (0x02)

ASN1_BOOLEAN_TYPE             (0x01)

ASN1_OID_TYPE                 (0x06)

ASN1_SEQUENCE_TYPE            (0x30)

ASN1_DATE_TYPE                (0x17)

ASN1_UTCTIME                  (0x17)

ASN1_GENERALTIME              (0x18)

ASN1_SET_TYPE                 (0x31)



ASN1_OPTIONAL_0               (0xa0)

ASN1_OPTIONAL_1               (0xa1)

ASN1_OPTIONAL_2               (0xa2)

ASN1_OPTIONAL_3               (0xa3)