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Brew MP 1.0.2
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AEEDeviceItem ISHELL_GetDeviceInfoEx()
This structure is passed to ISHELL_GetDeviceInfoEx() for AEE_DEVICEITEM_REPEAT_TIME. An item code is provided on input, and a preferred default value is specified in the remaining structure members. If 0, no preference for defaults.
  • wItem :        Item to obtain repeat timer values; see AEEREPEAT_ below.
  • dwStart :      Time in Milliseconds before initial repeat action is taken.
  • dwRate :       Time in Milliseconds between each subsequent repeat action.
  • typedef struct AEEAutoRepeat
       uint16   wItem;
       uint32   dwStart;
       uint32   dwRate;
    } AEEAutoRepeat;
If dwStart or dwRate is 0, no preference is specified for that interval. The dwStart is given as the time AFTER the first action is taken; it is the interval to the beginning of the actual first REPEATED action. |--------------dwStart time--------------|---dwRate time---|---dwRate time---|... ^ ^ ^ ^ event occurs first repeat next repeat next repeat... AEEREPEAT_SCROLLBAR : Pen held in the region above or below the thumb in the scrollbar for the action to repeat. Default: dwStart = SB_AUTOREPEAT_START (200) dwRate = SB_AUTOREPEAT_RATE (75)