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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
Inquiry response for a device. AEEBTDISC_EV_DEV_SEARCH_RESPONSE is generated for each device that matches the search criteria that is set using IBTDiscoverer_SetDiscoveryFilter(). If the device has responded with Extended Inquiry Response(EIR) Data, and if bKeepEIR was set to TRUE when IBTDiscoverer_StartDeviceSearch() was invoked, this data will be available to the application via piBTEIR of AEEBTDevSearchResponse. Application can invoke methods on the BTEIR interface, to retrieve individual EIR data elements.
  • bdAddr   :   Bluetooth Device address of the device
  • CoD      :   Bluetooth Class of device information
  • rssi     :   Received Signal Strength Indication; in dBm.
  • piBTEIR  :   If not NULL, pointer to EIR data interface.
                    Application should release this object
                    after it has retrieved EIR information.
  • devRank  :   lower the rank, lower the path loss, 
                    higher the proximity to the device.
  •    struct AEEBTDevSearchResponse
          BDAddress       bdAddr;
          BTClassOfDevice CoD;
          int16           rssi;
          IBTEIR*         piBTEIR;
          unsigned char   devRank;