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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This structure defines the dimensions of a clipping shape that is used to restrict the region in which an IGraphics drawing operations takes effect.
  • type : Type of clipping shape.
  • shape : Union of clipping shape.
  • shape.rect : Rectangular clipping shape.
  • shape.circle : Circular clipping shape.
  • shape.ellipse : Ellipse as the clipping shape.
  • shape.pie : Circular pie as the clipping shape.
  • shape.triangle : Triangular clipping shape.
  • typedef struct _clipshape
       AEEClipShape type;
       union {
          AEERect rect;
          AEECircle circle;
          AEEEllipse ellipse;
          AEEPie pie;
          AEETriangle triangle;
       } shape;
    } AEEClip;
Shape is a UNION type. Only one of the shapes is effective at any moment. The program has to check the type and then access shape for the corresponding clipping shape.