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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The AppCloseErrorLog class provides a way for interested applications or extensions to listen to another application's exit error codes on unexpected shutdown.
The AppCloseErrorLog class implements the IPort1 interface. The application gets back an IPort1 instance when this class is created. The application can then use IPort1_Readable and IPort1_Read to get error message data.
This is a privileged class. AEECLSID_AppCloseErrorLog is also a privilege. An application using this class needs to have AEECLSID_AppCloseErrorLog as a privilege.
The format of for each error message is described below:
        clsID   +   errCode     
   +  (4 bytes) +  (4 bytes)                  

- ClsID : Class ID of the application which crashed.
(4 bytes - little endian) - errCode : The error code posted by application when it closed ungracefully.
(4 bytes - little endian)
To stay endianness clean, use std_letohl and other endian conversion functions to convert numeric values above from little endian to host endian order. For little endian architectures, this will be a no-op.
A separate log buffer is created for each instance of AEECLSID_AppCloseErrorLog. If the log buffer fills up, new error messages will not be dropped.
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