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IAsyncFSResult IOBEXAuthentication IFileSystem2 IPort1 Usage example: ===== To get the associated authentication object: IAsyncFS_QueryInterface (piAsyncFS, AEEIID_IOBEXAuthentication, (void**)&pMe->piAuth); // prepare for authentication initiated by server IOBEXAuthentication_OnRequest (pMe->piAuth, piAuthReqSig); // prepare to authenticate server if (FALSE != bAuthenticateServer) { IOBEXAuthentication_OnResponse (pMe->piAuth, piAuthRespSig); IOBEXAuthentication_Config ( pMe->piAuth, MIBENUM_CHARSET_US_ASCII, (uint8*)pszRealm, STRLEN (pszRealm), bUserIdRequired, bAllowFullAccess, bValidOnce); // TRUE means valid until reconfigured } ===== To prepare to access FTP server: // Configure for communication with FTP server: IAsyncFS_Config (piAsyncFS, piFSLocal, // an IFileSystem2 object "bdaddr=00A0C6041234;scn=4;", //server address & channel 5); // connection goes down after 5 seconds of inactivity ===== To browse folders on the server: IAsyncFS_LsDir (piAsyncFS, "", // current folder &piResult); // result object // when result comes back SUCCESS, get the folder listing port object if (AEE_SUCCESS == IAsyncFSResult_GetFolderListing (piResult, &piPort1)) { // Extract folder listing via IPort1_Read() // The folder listing will be an XML representation such as shown // in the following example taken from IrOBEX document: } ===== To create "newFolder" off of root folder on the server: IAsyncFS_MkDir (piAsyncFS, "newFolder", &piResult); // if success, "newFolder" becomes current folder on server ===== To put a file called "file1.txt" into subfolder "newFolder": IAsyncFS_Put (piAsyncFS, "fs:/~/file1.txt", // source - local "file1.txt", // destination - remote &piResult); ===== To put a subfolder called "newPictures" to root folder on server : // first change back to root folder IAsyncFS_ChDir (piAsyncFS, "", // ".." would also work in this case &piResult); // then when result for ChDir comes back successful, put the folder IAsyncFS_PutDir (piAsyncFS, "fs:/~/newPictures", // source - local "newPictures", // destination - remote &piResult); ===== To get "existingFile.txt" from child "oldFolder" of root folder: // first change to subfolder "oldFolder" IAsyncFS_ChDir (piAsyncFS, "oldFolder", &piResult); // then when result for ChDir comes back successful, get the file IAsyncFS_Get (piAsyncFS, "fs:/~/existingFile.txt, // destination - local "existingFile.txt", // source - remote &piResult); ===== To remove "existingFile.txt": IAsyncFS_Unlink (piAsyncFS, "existingFile.txt", // source &piResult); ===== To remove "oldFolder": // first change back to root folder // then when result for ChDir comes back successful, remove the subfolder IAsyncFS_RmDir (piAsyncFS, "oldFolder", &piResult); ===== To get a subfolder called "new" from subfolder "myMusic": // first change to subfolder "myMusic" // then when result for ChDir comes back successfull, get subfolder "new" IAsyncFS_GetDir (piAsyncFS, "fs:/~/myMusic, // destination - local "new", // source - remote &piResult);
  • The following APIs are unimplemented for BT FTP:
  • IAsyncFS_Access()
  • IAsyncFS_Stat()
  • IAsyncFS_StatVFS()
  • IAsyncFS_Rename()
  • IAsyncFS_Truncate()
  • IAsyncFS_Open()
  • IAsyncFS_Copy()
  • IAsyncFS_CopyDir()
The BTFTPClient class implements the IAsyncFS interface for file access over Bluetooth FTP. This implementation supports client role for Bluetooth File Transfer Profile (FTP) version 1.1
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