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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
CheckTC is an implementation of IController that is used by Check Widget and Radio Widget to handle BREW pointer events. It is used as the default touch controller for these widgets if AEECLSID_OEMButtonTC is not concrete.
The default Touch Controller for check and radio widgets is very simple. When it receives a pointer down followed by a pointer up within the extent of the bounding rectangle of the check or radio widget, it either toggles the value model of the widget (in the case of the Check widget) or sets the value model to true (in the case of the radio button widget). The pointer may be moved throughout the widget canvas as long as the pointer up occurs within the confines of the same widget who received the pointer down.


Event                   Description
----------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
EVT_POINTER_DOWN        Enables capture mode (tracks moves that go outside the extent of the widget)
                        both so that other widgets are not confused by a spurious pointer up that
                        should have been linked with the pointer down on the check widget.

EVT_POINTER_MOVE        Pointer moves are ignored.  Please note that if the pointer moves outside of
                        the Check Widget bounds before the pointer is raised (without a subsequent
                        return to the bounding rectangle) the eventual click will not happen.

EVT_POINTER_UP          If the pointer up occurs within the bounding box of the check widget, it will
                        perform in a manner similar to the AVK_SELECT key press.  Namely checkboxes
                        will toggle between their two states and radio widgets will be put into the
                        selected state.

EVT_WDG_SETPROPERTY     The check touch controller responds to this event by attempting to set the
                        property identified by the 'wParam' parameter.


Property                Description
----------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
PROP_EX                 Property used to specify an extended property. See IWidget_GetPropertyEx() and

PROPEX_WIDGETTC_PRESSED Property that simulates a pointer down or pointer up event.
The Check Touch Controller is instantiated by passing AEECLSID_CheckTC into ISHELL_CreateInstance
The CheckTC is reference-counted. When you are done with your reference to the CheckTC, you should Release that reference. Any controller specific cleanup will be handled for you when all references are released
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