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Brew MP 1.0.2
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ContainerTC is an implementation of IController that can be used by any Container to handle pointer events provided to the widgets by Brew MP.
ContainerTC handles Brew MP pointer events for any type of Container and responds by:

- Moving focus between the children. On EVT_POINTER_DOWN, ContainerTC
checks if the event is for a child that does not currently have focus. If that is the case, it will ask the child widget if it can take focus (using EVT_WDG_CANTAKEFOCUS) and move focus to this child widget, if it can take focus. (This will result in EVT_MDL_FOCUS_CHANGE viewmodel event).
- Localizing all events and passing them to the child widgets.
ContainerTC processes all EVT_POINTER_XXX events. After it determines the child widget to which the event needs to be sent, it localizes the event in the child widget's co-ordinate system and passes it to that widget.

Note that the above ContainerTC behavior is implemented by containers themselves by default, i.e. Containers do not need any explicit controller for this behavior. However, applications can create this controller and use this, if they are interested in overriding the behavior.

Using ContainerTC from your application:

Applications do not need to deal with ContainerTC directly if they want to have the default behavior as described above. In fact, as explained above, none of the BUIW Containers create any controller on EVT_WDG_TOUCH_ENABLE (except for GridContainer). If the application needs to customize the touch behavior, then it can use this controller and override the handler for it.
A new instance of the ContainerTC class object may be created by calling ISHELL_CreateInstance() and passing in AEECLSID_ContainerTC.
The ContainerTC is reference-counted. When you are done with your reference to the ContainerTC, you should Release that reference. Any specific cleanup will be handled for you when all references are released.
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