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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
DateTimeTC is an implementation of IController that is used by the Date and Time Widgets to handle BREW pointer events. It is used as the default touch controler for these widget if AEECLSID_OEMDateTimeTC is not concrete.
The default Touch Controller for date and time widgets performs two actions. The first, and most simple, is that pressing the pointer down on a date/time field will change the focus to that field. The second requires the DTWF_SHOWARROWS flag to have been applied to the date/time widget to which the controller is attached. In this case, holding the pointer down on the arrow will increment or decrement the value of the field in the date/time widget. If the pointer is continuously held down on the arrow, the increment or decrement will continue repeatedly following a specified delay (the amount of time between the first and second repeat) and repeat rate (the amount of time between any successive repeats)
Supported Events:
  Event                                               Description
----------             ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
EVT_POINTER_DOWN       Depending on what portion of the date/time widget was clicked, two different
                       things can happen when this event is received.  If the event occurs on one of
                       the widget's fields, that field becomes the focused field.  If the event
                       occurred on the 
The Date Time Touch Controller is instantiated by passing AEECLSID_DateTimeTC into ISHELL_CreateInstance
The DateTimeTC is reference counted. When you are done with your reference to the dateTimeTC, you should Release that reference. Any controller specific cleanup will be handled for you when all references are released
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