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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
The FontMapModel class allows the user to associate a string with an instance of IFont. The FontMapModel maintains a list of these mappings of strings to IFonts, which is useful for implementing rich-text. For example if you had a rich-text tag called "QCSans Italic 10," you could map that string to an instance of IFont that was set up to be 10 points, italic, and uses the QCSans font style. Then, whenever the rich-text parser came across that string, it would know to begin drawing with that particular font.
To create a FontMapModel object, pass AEECLSID_FontMapModel into ISHELL_CreateInstance().
The FontMapModel object is a reference-counted object. When you are finished with a reference, Release it. When the reference count goes to 0, any FontMapModel specific clean up will be done.
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