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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
GridContainerTC is an implementation of IController that can be used by GridContainer to handle pointer events provided to the widget by BREW.
GridContainerTC handles BREW pointer events. The handling of GridContainerTC is an extention to the ContainerTC handling of these events. So, GridContainerTC takes same actions as ContainerTC such as:
- Moving focus
- Localizing the events for its children
- Sending ViewModel notifications about click events. On first EVT_POINTER_DOWN,
GridContainerTC uses the viewmodel to notify with WECLTYPE_CLICK. If EVT_POINTER_DOWN happens on the sametime, and clickcount in the event is 2, then GridContainer notifies with WETYPE_DOUBLECLICK.

Using GridContainerTC from your application:

Applications do not need to deal with GridContainerTC directly if they want to have the default behavior as described above. If the application needs to customize the behavior of this touch controller, it can do so by overriding handler for the touchcontroller. If the application wants to continue using default behavior, it can just add listener to the GridContainer's ViewModel and listen for EVT_MDL_WIDGETELEM_CLICK to know when an item was clicked or double-clicked.
To create a Grid Container Touch Controller object, pass AEECLSID_GridContainerTC into ISHELL_CreateInstance.
The Grid Container Touch Controller is a reference-counted object. When you are done with a reference, Release() it. Once the reference count reaches 0, any specific cleanup will be performed.
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