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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The HTML widget is a user interface element that provides HTML display facilities to the widget framework. It supports a subset of HTML version 3.2.

Its HTML formatting features and its ability to deal with malformed content are limited. HTML presented to the widget should be properly constructed, with start and end tags for nonempty elements and no mismatched end tags. As a result, HTML that is tested with the particular application is advised, and it is not intended to support for arbitrary content (as obtained from various web sites).

Notable HTML features supported include:
- Hypertext links

- Simple HTML FORM support: text input, lists, submit buttons, check
boxes, and radio buttons
- Inline images or plug-ins

- Horizontal alignments: left, center, right

- Bold text (displayed using the AEE_FONT_BOLD font)

- Large text (displayed using the AEE_FONT_LARGE font)

- Text colors

- Html document background colors when specified in hex format using body tag

- Link colors using body tag

Notable HTML features that are NOT supported in the current version of BREW include:
- Java applets


- Scripting

- Cascading Style Sheets

- Unicode character references

HTML Widget Properties:
- PROP_HTMLW_URL: base URL for link jumps and submit

- PROP_HTMLW_IWEB: IWeb interface widget uses to obtain sub-objects

- PROP_HTMLW_INDENT: basic indent

- PROP_HTMLW_VSPACE: basic paragraph spacing

- PROP_HTMLW_BUFFERSIZE: size of internal buffer

- PROP_HTMLW_FOCUSPOS: current focus position

- PROP_HTMLW_SCROLLPOS: current scroll position

- PROP_HTMLW_LINK_COLOR: Get/Set active link foreground color

- PROP_HTMLW_DOC_BGCOLOR: Get/Set html document background color

- PROP_HTMLW_SCROLLMLLINK: When set to FALSE, multiline links are jumped as if
they are single line link. When TRUE, each line in the link is scrolled one line at a time. This property is set to TRUE by default.

Touch Screen Support:

With the release of BUIW 2.0.0 HTML Widget has Touch Screen Support for links. On EVT_POINTER_DOWN event, HTML Widget touch controller sets PROP_HTMLW_FOCUSPOS on the widget for the hit link element. This will cause the focus to move to the touched link if it did not have focus prior to touching. On EVT_POINTER_UP, if the pointer was still on the same link, the HTML Widget touch controller sets PROP_HTMLW_SELECTPOS on HTML Widget. This causes the view model to send out EVT_HVM_JUMP.
PROPEX_HTMLW_WIDATPOS gets the widget at given position and forwards the event to it.
The HTML Widget is instantiated by passing AEECLSID_HTMLWidget into ISHELL_CreateInstance().
The HTMLWidget is reference-counted. When you are done with your reference to the HTML widget, you should Release that reference. Any specific cleanup will be handled for you when all references are released.
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