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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The progress widget is used to display a simple progress indicator on the display that typically illustrate the "percentage complete" of a finite operation. For example, an operation such as downloading a 120K graphic image might choose to display a progress indicator during the download to show the user how much of the download has completed, and how much remains.
The progress widget is drawn as a rectangle, with some percentage of that rectangle filled, as indicated by the attached value model. For example, an application might define the progress widget to be 8 pixels high by 80 pixels wide. If the attached value model indicates that the tracked operation is 25% complete, the progress widget will draw an 8 x 80 pixel border, filled up to the 20 pixel mark (25% of the total width of 80 pixels).
The progress widget is created with the following default characteristics:
       Foreground color:  light gray
                Padding:  1

To create a progress widget, an application would do the following:
       1. Call ISHELL_CreateInstance() with a class ID of AEECLSID_ProgressWidget to
          retrieve a reference counted instance of the cursor widget.
       2. Set any properties the application may wish to use to enhance the progress
          widget's appearance (border color, fill color, etc).

Supported Events: The progress widget processes events in two passes. In the first pass the progress widget will pass all events to the widget's border, and return TRUE if the border accepts and processes the event. If the event is not handled, the progress widget will attempt to process the event itself, handling the following events.
Event                 Description
-----                 ------------------------------------------------------------
EVT_WDG_SETPROPERTY:  The progress widget responds to this event by attempting to set the
                      property identified by the 'wParam' parameter.  The progress widget
                      recognizes those properties defined in the "Properties" section, below.

EVT_WDG_GETPROPERTY:  The progress widget responds to this event by attempting to retrieve the
                      property identified by the 'wParam' parameter.  The progress widget
                      recognizes those properties defined in the "Properties" section, below.

Property              Description
--------              ------------------------------------------------------------
PROP_FGCOLOR:         This property contains the color that the progress widget will use to
                      draw the filled portion of its progress rectangle.  When setting this
                      property, the progress widget will invalidate itself so that the widget
                      is redrawn using the new color.

                      Property Value:  RGBVal

PROP_ANIMATE_FLAGS:   This property holds the flags related to progress widget's animation when the
                      model holds the value -1 i.e. the progress widget is displaying an infinitely-
                      looping progress bar. 

                      This flag allows the user to enable StepEvent to be sent through the
                      widget's ViewModel.  When progress widget animates, StepEvent will only
                      be passed to model listeners if this flag is set to true.
                      Property Value:  uint32

Required Model: IValueModel
Model Data:
   int  modelData;  (should range from 0 to 100)

The progress widget relies on a value model that represents its data as an integer ranging from 0 to 100 to indicate the "percent complete" of the operation being tracked.
A special "indeterminate-progress" mode is supported. To trigger this mode, set the value model data to a negative value. The progress widget will begin displaying an animated progress bar repeatedly moving from left to right within the display area. The animation will continue until a positive value is set in the model.
A default model is created and assigned to the widget when the widget is created with ISHELL_CreateInstance(). The client can replace the widget's model at any time with the method: IWidget_SetModel(), as long as the supplied model interface is of the type that the widget expects.
The data supplied in the value model must be a pointer to type 'int'.
The static widget is instantiated by passing AEECLSID_ProgressWidget into ISHELL_CreateInstance.
The progress widget is reference counted. When you are done with your reference to the progress widget, you should Release that reference. Any progress widget specific cleanup will be handled for you when all references are released.
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