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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This is the most basic implementation of the RSA algorithm in software. It is always available on the handset.
Its interface is IPubKeyEng. This interface is used to obtain handle / context pointer to an object with which operations can actually be performed. The context object has an IPubKey interface.
For this class the context objects share cached data. This helps in speeding up crypto operation.
Multiple context handles may be created and used in parallel. Multiple operations may not be started on an individual context (as per IPubKey interface contract).
It is generally more convenient to use AEECLSID_PubKeyRSASW. A create instance on AEECLSID_PubKeyRSASW is the same as creating this class and then calling its New method to get an object with an IPubKey interface for the actual operations. The only difference between context handles created this way is their independent to each other with no shared state among them.
- Provides context handles.
- Add/update BN engine.
- Caching among operations.
- Modifiable cache size
- Provision to associate Random data source.

IPubKeyEng_GetParam() always returns AEE_NOSUCH.
IPubKeyEng_New() works like a create instance for IPubKey objects and copy constructor, copies the data out of the IPubKey [in]object if specified and returns a new IPubKey object that has all the key material and wired up IPubKey to do actual crypto. This engine only works with piInPubKey objects that allow the key to be retrieved with GetParam. Does not work with RSA keys on smart card (for ex). Also since this engine only knows about Public key/ private key and modulus so only keys related to these ID's are retrieved and stored.
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