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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IPort Interface
This specifies a "serial port" object. That serial port can be a traditional RS-232 serial port, an IrDA serial port, or a USB connection where the PC enumerates as a traditional (RS232) serial port.
Valid options for the _Open() and _IOCtl() methods are specified in AEESIO.h.
IPORT_Open takes a string as an argument to open a port. Some of the most commonly used named are defined below. An optional name scheme can also be specified to make IPort a very genric interface. The port name scheme for SIO is defined below as SIO_PORT_NAME_SCHEME.
Examples: To open PORT1, you can use one of the following schemes. IPORT_Open(po, "PORT1") or IPORT_Open(po, "SIO:PORT1")
Both IPORT_Opens above are referring to the same port.
BREW defines a set of port names for opening ports AEESIO_PORT_ part is common for all names. The rest of the string generally refers to the type of the port and its number. The types are expalined below.
SIO: in general serial devices that are UARTs (AEESIO_PORT_SIO1, AEESIO_PORT_SIO2, AEESIO_PORT_SIO3, AEESIO_PORT_SIO4) On the BREW Simulator these ports will open the similarly named COM port AEESIO_PORT_SIO1 = COM1
OEMS are free to provide port types in addition to those listed aboove, and are similiarly free to implement more ports than listed above.
There is also the special port name AEESIO_PORT_INCOMING, this name refers to the next port that is switched into BREW mode. This is typically used to represent the port that is switched from data mode (for a modem) into BREW mode with the AT$BREW command.
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