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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

AEECLSID_SignalFactory identifes a signal factory for the current environment. It is used to create signals that notify objects in the current environment. Each environment (e.g. a process, an applet, or the kernel) has one or more threads that are assigned to accepts invocations from the dispatch queue and invoke objects within that evironment.
AEECLSID_SignalFactory is a per-environment singleton. Multiple calls to CreateInstance() will return the same instance.
The signal objects that are created are kernel-resident objects. They can be passed to other environments (such as other processes or applets) to allow objects in those environments to deliver notifications to objects in the current environment. Signal notifications that cross environment boundaries ensure that the destination object is invoked in the proper process in in the proper thread (or set of threads, in the case of a multi-threaded environment).
MT-safe: Instances of this class can be used safely by multiple threads.
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