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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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SliderTC is an implementation of IController that can be used by SliderWidget to handle pointer events provided to the widget by BREW.

SliderTC handles BREW pointer events for a SliderWidget and responds by
    - Changing the Slider position
        On receiving EVT_POINTER_DOWN, SliderTC checks if the element clicked 
        is slider bar or slider handle. If the element is the slider handle, it starts the
        drag process. If the element is the slider-bar, the TC 
        sends EVT_WDG_SCROLL to the slider widget which causes the slider 
        handle to scroll. 
        It is possible to configure the handle scroll delay and 
        scroll rate, the following four functions can be used on the SliderTC to get 
        and set the slider scroll delay and scroll rate:
        - IController_SetScrollRepDelay
        - IController_GetScrollRepDelay
        - IController_SetScrollRepRate
        - IController_GetScrollRepRate
        By default the slider has a default scroll delay of SL_SCROLLREP_DELAY_DEFAULT 
        and a default scroll rate of SL_SCROLLREP_RATE_DEFAULT. 

    - Dragging the slider bar
        If the EVT_POINTER_DOWN happens on slider-handle, then the SliderTC
        sets capture mode on for the widget and causes the dragging effect
        by sending EVT_WDG_SCROLL events to the widget on subsequent
        EVT_POINTER_MOVE events. The capture mode is relased on 
        corresponding EVT_POINTER_UP event.

Using SliderTC from your application:

Applications do not need to deal with SliderTC directly if they want to have the default behavior as described above. If the application needs to customize the behavior of this touch controller, it can do so by overriding handler for the touchcontroller. If the application wants to continue using default behavior, it can just add listener to the SliderWidget's ValueModel and listen for EVT_MDL_VALUE to know when the slider value was changed.
The slider touch controller is instantiated by passing AEECLSID_SliderTC into ISHELL_CreateInstance.
The slider touch controller is reference counted. When you are done with your reference to the slider touch controller, you should release that reference. Any slider touch controller specific cleanup will be handled for you when all references are released.
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