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Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- ITransition2 Interface - ITransitionMgr Interface - Transition2Resizer_Init()
The resizer transition is a transition that modifies the size of an object over time. For example, an application could wrap a resizer transition around a menu item, and have the selection grow when the user selects it. As another example, combining a resizer with a fader could create a "genie"-type animation for a popup dialog. The resizer transition will gradually modify the size of the target in a linear manner to reach the final desired size. For this transition to work properly, the target widget must support SetExtend.
To create a resizer transition, an application would do the following: 1. Create the object that will be the target of the resizer transition 2. Call ISHELL_CreateInstance() with a class ID of AEECLSID_TRANSITION2_RESIZER to retrieve a reference counted instance of the resizer transition. 3. Call Transition2Resizer_Init() to setup and initialize the resizer's custom properties, including the widget it is to wrap and the start/end width and height. 4. Call ITransitionMgr_Add() to add the transition to a manager.
This class will free itself if the reference count reaches zero.
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