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Brew MP 1.0.2
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ITransitionMgr Interface ITransition2 Interface
The default transition manager implements all the functionality described by the ITransitionMgr interface. A manager that is not explicitly initialized will have its step time set to the default value and memory mode will be turned off. Transitions may be added to the manager by using ITransitionMgr_Add(). Although a transition manager is also a transition, there are some properties of transitions that do not apply to the manager; for example PROP_STEPS and PROP_RUNTIME. The manager will return ECLASSNOTSUPPORT if one of the unsupported properties is queried. A manager set to active mode will put itself to sleep if there are no transitions left in its queue. If the manager is in passive mode, it will return ITransition2_STATUS_STEP_DONE, and therefore will be dealt by it's top manager. It is therefore recommended to fully populate a manager before starting it or inserting it within another manager.
To create a transition manager, an application would do the following: 1. Call ISHELL_CreateInstance() with a class ID of AEECLSID_TransitionMgr to retrieve a reference counted instance of the transition manager. 2. Insert transitions into the manager via ITransitionMgr_Add(). 3a. Call ITransitionMgr_Start() to start the manager in master mode. 3b. Call ITransitionMgr_Insert() to insert the manager into another manager
This class will free itself if the reference count reaches zero. Queued transitions will be released.
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