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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

See the AEECLSID_DialogForm description.
A warning dialog should be used to warn the user of non-fatal incidents. For example, if one was writing a navigation utility, the application could pop up a helpful warning message if the user trespasses on private property or if the bridge to which the application was directing the user was currently occupied by a gang of roaming geese with a known reputation for attacking drivers unless they are pacified by a loaf of bread, preferably torn into pieces first. The warning dialog will instantiate using the THEME_WARN_BASENAME.
The Warning dialog is instantiated by passing AEECLSID_WarnDialog into ISHELL_CreateInstance().
The Warning Dialog is reference-counted. When you are done with your reference to the dialog, you should Release that reference. Any dialog specific cleanup will be handled for you when all references are released.
Default Interface Name