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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
IWIFIOpts, IPhoneCtl_SetSubscriptionStatus()
This class provides an implementation of IWIFI interface for applications to retrieve and store WiFi configurations.
WiFi configuration updates do not go in to effect if WiFi modem is already active. They will go in to affect on next WiFi Modem Startup. Use IPhoneCtl_SetSubscriptionStatus() to cause the updated configuration take effect by commanding WiFi modem to go off-line and back online. IPhoneCtl_SetSubscriptionStatus(piPhoneCtl, AEET_SYS_MODE_WLAN, FALSE); sets WiFi to go off line and IPhoneCtl_SetSubscriptionStatus(piPhoneCtl, AEET_SYS_MODE_WLAN, TRUE); causes WiFi modem to re-start acquisition based on the stored configuration.
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