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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
IWindowCapture AEEIWidget.h AEEWidgetProperties.h AEEModelHelpers.h AEEIModel.h
This class provides an implementation of IWindowCapture. This is a privileged class, use AEECLSID_WindowCapture as a privilege ID.
The widget returned by IWindowCapture_GetCaptureWidget can be customized using the following in the options parameter:
"includefamily=" - If "yes" the widget includes all descendants of the window asked for.
The IQI* returned by IWindowCapture_GetCaptureWidget can be queried for AEEIID_IWidget. This widget can be inserted in a container at any time, but it will be "empty" initially until a model is added to the widget. Setting up the model on this widget is asynchronous, so the user is recomended to obtain the view model of this widget using IWidget_GetViewModel() and setting up a listener on that model. When the widget obtains a model the EVT_MDL_SETMODEL event will be sent to the attached listener. The dwParam of such event will indicate the new model, if this new model is NULL it indicates something failed and this widget should be released as it is useless now.
If the window linked to the capture widget is closed the listener will get the EVT_MDL_SETMODEL event again, the dwParam will be NULL indicating the widget has no model.
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