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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
AEECLSID_WLANMACAddr can be used to get device hardware WLAN MAC address.
AEECLSID_WLANMACAddr implements the IItemStore interface. Creating an instance of AEECLSID_WLANMACAddr return a pointer to the IItemStore object.
WLAN MAC Address can not be set, so IItemStore_Set() will be unsupported.
WLAN MAC Address will be NULL terminated hex stream.
Example: WLAN MAC Address: ACDE48000080
Applications must declare a privilage on AEECLSID_WLANMACAddr in application cif in order to create and use AEECLSID_WLANMACAddr.
Example: A simplified example of using AEECLSID_WLANMACAddr to query for the value:
nRet = ISHELL_CreateInstance(pIShell, AEECLSID_WLANMACAddr, (void **) &piItemStore); // Check return value, handle errors...
nRet = IItemStore_Get(piItemStore, &ItemBuf, nItemBufLen, &nItemLen); // Check return value, handle errors...
// WLAN MAC address can be used by developer either after // converting as uint64 or as a string.
// converting in string format char szMacAddr[20] = {0};
SPRINTF(szMacAddr, %x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x", szBytes[0], szBytes[1], szBytes[2], szBytes[3], szBytes[4], szBytes[5]);
// converting in uint64 format uint64 maxAddr; std_memmove( &maxAddr, &ItemBuf, sizeof (uint64) );
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