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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This structure contains mobile device information requested in ISHELL_GetDeviceInfo().
  • cxScreen : Physical screen size (pixels).
  • cyScreen : Physical screen size (pixels).
  • cxAltScreen : Unused and should be ignored.
  • cyAltScreen : Unused and should be ignored.
  • cxScrollBar : Width of standard scroll bars.
  • wEncoding : Character set encoding (such as AEE_ENC_UNICODE).
  • nColorDepth : Color Depth (1 = mono, 2 = grey, etc.).
  • dwRAM : This entry is deprecated and should not be used.
  • bAltDisplay : Device has an alternate display (Pager).
  • bFlip : Device sends the flip event (EVT_FLIP) when the clamshell is opened/closed.
  • bVibrator : Vibrator installed.
  • bExtSpeaker : External speaker installed.
  • bVR : Voice recognition supported.
  • bPosLoc : Position location supported.
  • bMIDI : MIDI file formats supported.
  • bCMX: CMX audio supported.
  • dwPromptProps : Default prompt properties.
  • wKeyCloseApp : Key to close current applet.
  • wKeyCloseAllApps : Key to close all applets (AVK_END is the default).
  • dwLang : ISO-defined language ID.
  • wStructSize : Size of the struct. Needs to be filled for the following fields to work.
  • dwNetLinger : PPP Linger Time in milliseconds.
  • dwSleepDefer : Time in milliseconds prior to the handset attempting to go into sleep mode.
  • wMaxPath : Maximum length of the file name (including path name) supported on the device.
  • dwPlatformID : ID used to uniquely identify this device platform.
  • typedef struct
       uint16            cxScreen;         // Physical screen size (pixels)
       uint16            cyScreen;         // Physical screen size (pixels)
       uint16            cxAltScreen;      // unused
       uint16            cyAltScreen;      // unused
       uint16            cxScrollBar;      // Width of standard scroll bars
       uint16            wEncoding;        // Character set encoding (AEE_ENC_UNICODE, ....)
       uint16            wMenuTextScroll;  // Milliseconds that should be used for auto-scroll
       uint16            nColorDepth;      // Color Depth (1 = mono, 2 = grey, etc.)
       EmptyEnum         unused2;
       uint32            wMenuImageDelay;  // Milliseconds image Draw Delay for SINGLE_FRAME Icon View 
                                           // with MP_ICON_DELAY_IMAGE property
       uint32            dwRAM;            // This entry is deprecated and should not be used
       flg               bAltDisplay:1;    // Device has an alternate display (Pager)
       flg               bFlip:1;          // Device sends the flip event (EVT_FLIP) when the clamshell is opened/closed
       flg               bVibrator:1;      // Vibrator installed
       flg               bExtSpeaker:1;    // External speaker installed
       flg               bVR:1;            // Voice recognition supported
       flg               bPosLoc:1;        // Position location supported
       flg               bMIDI:1;          // MIDI file formats supported
       flg               bCMX:1;           // CMX audio supported
       flg               bPen:1;           // Pen device supported
       uint32            dwPromptProps;    // Default prompt properties
       uint16            wKeyCloseApp;     // Key to close current applet
       uint16            wKeyCloseAllApps; // Key to close all applets (AVK_END is default)
       uint32            dwLang;           // Used by Resource Loader - See AEE_LNG_XXX below
       // NOTE: In order to use the following fields, you MUST fill-in the wStructSize
       // element of the structure before passing this to the GetDeviceInfo call.
       uint16            wStructSize;      // Size of this structure.
       uint32            dwNetLinger;      // PPP linger timer in milliseconds
       uint32            dwSleepDefer;     // Active non-sleep in milliseconds
       uint16            wMaxPath;         // Max length of file path
       uint32            dwPlatformID;     // Platform ID
    } AEEDeviceInfo;