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Brew MP 1.0.2
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AEEDeviceItem ISHELL_GetDeviceInfoEx()
This structure is returned from ISHELL_GetDeviceInfoEx() for AEE_DEVICEITEM_HWID and AEE_DEVICEITEM_HWIDLIST.
  • uLength: The length of this AEEHWIDType structure in bytes; used to compute the offset of the next element on the HWIDList.
  • bHWIDLength: The length of the HWID in bytes.
  • bHWIDType: The type of this HWID.
  • HWID: An array containing the HWID. This array is always aligned to a 32-bit boundary. bHWIDLength gives the actual number of bytes used.
  • typedef struct {
       uint16 uLength;      
       byte bHWIDLength;
       byte bHWIDType;
       uint32 HWID[1];      // variable length == (bHWIDLength + 3)/4
    } AEEHWIDType;
The HWID format: AEE_HWID_ESN: uint32 AEE_HWID_PESN: uint32. MSB == 0x80 AEE_HWID_IMEI: 8 byte array: --------------------- | digit 1 | type | byte 0 | digit 3 | digit 2 | byte 1 ... | digit 15| digit 14| byte 7 -------------------- The type field matches the GSM mobile identity type. For IMEI with check digit, it is 0xa; without a check digit, it is 0x2. AEE_HWID_MEID: uint64. MEID is a 56 bit value; the most significant 8 bits are always 0.