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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This macro is used to set the calling convenction attribute for functions that move floating points by value. For example:
float function() AEEINTERFACE_SOFTFP; int function(float a) AEEINTERFACE_SOFTFP;
#define INHERIT_IDouble(iname) \ INHERIT_IQI(iname);\ double (*ReturnDouble) (iname* pif) AEEINTERFACE_SOFTFP; int (*GetDoubleByRef) (iname* pif, double* d); int (*PutDoubleByValue) (iname* pif, double d) AEEINTERFACE_SOFTFP
This attribute is not necessary when the floating point is moved by reference:
int function(double* a); //SOFTFP attribute is not necessary
This attribute is only necessary in functions that are passed across API boundaries. So it MUST be present in inherit macro definitions and c++ class virtual tables. It's not required in static inlines which are not passed across API boundaries, and is benign if present.