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Brew MP 1.0.2
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These are the different log types that distinguish the structure of the data contained in the log item. AEE_LOG_TYPE_USER_BASE and above are available for application developers to define their own log data formats. The application developer is responsible for eliminating any conflicts that may arise due to multiple applications using the same log type.
  •     typedef uint16 AEELogItemType;
        #define AEE_LOG_TYPE_TEXT 0x000 
        #define AEE_LOG_TYPE_BIN_MSG 0x001 
        #define AEE_LOG_TYPE_BIN_BLK 0x002 
        #define AEE_LOG_TYPE_USER_BASE 0x100
Predefined log item types include: AEE_LOG_TYPE_TEXT : ASCII text message AEE_LOG_TYPE_BIN_MSG : AEELogTypeBinMsg AEE_LOG_TYPE_BIN_BLK : binary data block A user defined log item type AEE_LOG_TYPE_USER_BASE : The user must define his or her own type structure for each user type he or she uses.