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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Different transport types supported.
  • AEEOBEX_TRANS_BT_RFCOMM   : Bluetooth transport
  •    typedef uint32  AEEOBEXTransport;
Transport parameters are sent to the implementation as a null terminated string containing name-value pairs separated by a delimiter.The format of the string is "=;=". The list of names and value types for bluetooth RFCOMM transport are --------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Data type Sample String format --------------------------------------------------------------------- bd_address BDAddress "bd_address=9abc650000a0" server_channel uint32( hex format) "server_channel=10" bt_security BTSecurityLevel "bt_security=1" service_name string "service_name=ftp server" uuid16 uint16( hex format) "uuid16=0010" uuid32 uint32( hex format) "uuid32=001000A0" uuid128 16 byte( hex format) "uuid128=12AF51A9030C4B2937407F8C9ECB238A" Examples of transport string for client 1."bd_address=9abc650000a0;server_channel=10" A client is attempting to connect to a server whose BD address is 0x9abc650000a0 and RFCOMM server channel is 0x10. 2."bd_address=9abc650000a0;server_channel=0;uuid16=008" A client is attempting to connect to a server whose BD address is 0x9abc650000a0 and whose SDP uuid matches 0x008.It is the responsibility of the implementation to query the server and find the correct server channel number. Examples of transport string for server: 1) "bt_security=1" OBEX server is registerd with RFCOMM; however the implementation does not register with SDP. 2) "service_name=ftp server;bt_security=1;uuid16=008" OBEX server is registerd with RFCOMM, and the implementation registers the server with SDP. The transport parameters are explained below bd_address : Not valid for servers. Mandatory for clients that are using Bluetooth transport. This is the device address of the server. server_channel : Not valid for servers. The implementation will assign a server channel number that is available. For clients, this is the server channel on which the RFCOMM connection is to be established. If server channel is not specified, the implementation will attempt to connect to the service whose UUID is specified. bt_security : Security for the connection. uuid16 : Specifies a 16 bit UUID. uuid32 : Specifies a 32 bit UUID. uuid128 : Specifies a 128 bit UUID. For servers, if the UUID is specified, the implementation will register the service with SDP. If UUID is not specified, SDP registration is to be done by the application. For clients, the implementation will attempt to connect to a service with this UUID if the server channel is not specified. service_name : Valid for servers only. This is the service name that is added to the SDP record. While sending the service name, the delimiter is ';' and the NULL terminator should not be included.