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Brew MP 1.0.2
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AEEQoSError can be used by the client to identify an erroneous QoS parameter, in case such a parameter caused a QoS request to fail.
When a QoS request (either IQoSSession_Open() or IQoSSession_ModifyEx()) fails due to an erroneous parameter in the QoS Spec, a special error value is returned (AEE_NET_EQOS_SPEC_INVALID_OPT), and an AEEQoSError instance is built internally.
The client can now call IQoSSession_GetError() to get the AEEQoSError, and find out which parameter in the request QoSSpec was erroneous. AEEQoSError has an error code, and also pin points the error. For example, it may specify that option ID 123 inside filter #0 of the Rx flow spec contains an invalid value.
If an AEEQoSError member is not applicable, it is marked as “unspecified”. For example, if Rx Flow #2 is empty, then option ID is unspecified.
  • eErrorCode: type of error
  • eField:     ID of erroneous component (Rx/Tx Flow/Filter spec),
                   or unspecified (AEEQOSERR_FIELD_UNSPEC)
  • nIndex:     list index of erroneous item (for example, Rx filter #3),
                   or unspecified (AEEQOSERR_INDEX_UNSPEC)
  • nOption:    ID of erroneous option, or unspecified (AEEQOSERR_OPT_UNSPEC)
  • ext:        extended information - reserved for future use.
  •    typedef struct AEEQoSError
          AEEQoSErrorCode eErrorCode;
          AEEQoSErrorField eField;
          int32 nIndex;
          int32 nOption;
          int32 ext;