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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Error Codes INetwork_GetOpt INetwork_SetOpt
The network layer of some devices may use RLP3 under PPP, which might be able to be configured. This data type represents RLP3 configuration. Pass this struct as pOptVal to INetwork_GetOpt()/INetwork_SetOpt()
  • ucFwdNakRounds:      The number of forward NAK rounds (3 max).
  • aucFwdNaksPerRound:  NAKs per round, forward.
  • ucRevNakRounds:      The number of reverse NAK rounds (3 max).
  • aucRevNaksPerRound:  NAKs per round, reverse.
  •    typedef struct AEERLP3Cfg
          byte ucFwdNakRounds;
          byte aucFwdNaksPerRound[3];
          byte ucRevNakRounds;
          byte aucRevNaksPerRound[3];
       } AEERLP3Cfg;
- The Maximum NAK count can be 3 in any round. If it is greater than 3, SetOpt returns AEE_NET_EBADOPTVAL. - If NakRounds is less than 3, the RLP layer ignores the values in the NaksPerRound that correspond to those extra rounds. For example, if ucFwdNaksPerRound is set to 2, aucFwdNaksPerRound[2] is ignored. - To set CUR RLP (current) option, the data connection must be active. - if NEG RLP values cannot be modified, SetOpt returns AEE_EBADPARM.