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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This data type holds the possible status reported in an SDB-Ack message.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_NONE:                      Status is not available.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_OK:                        Packet is sent successfully.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_HOLD_ORIG_RETRY_TIMEOUT:   Hold orig timer expired and hence failed to send the packet.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_HOLD_ORIG:                 Unable to process the packet because hold orig is true.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_NO_SRV:                    Failed to send the packet due to lack of service.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_ABORT:                     Aborted the operation.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_AMPS:       SDB/DS is not supported in analog mode.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_HDR:        SDB/DS is not supported when in a HDR call.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_L2_ACK_FAILURE:            Failed to receive Layer 2 ACK.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_OUT_OF_RESOURCES:          Unable to process the packet because of lack of resources.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_ACCESS_TOO_LARGE:          Packet is too big to be sent over access channel.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_DTC_TOO_LARGE:             Packet is too big to b sent over DTC.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_OTHER:                     Failed for some other reason.
  • AEE_SDB_ACK_ACCT_BLOCK:                Access channel is blocked for traffic based on service option.
       AEE_SDB_ACK_L3_ACK_FAILURE             Failed to receive Layer 3 ACK.
  •    typedef int32 AEESDBAckStatus;