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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

This structure is passed to the applications as part of the SMS Notification i.e. when applications register to be notified of a specific TS ID using the mask: NMASK_TAPI_SMS_TS, application receive the EVT_NOTIFY event when the msg comes into the system. The dwParam of this notification event is of type AEENotify. Inside the AEENotify structure, the pData member is of type AEESMSMsg. This structure contains detailed information about the SMS message received by the system.
  • teleservice: Specifies the Teleservice ID of the message.
  • ts: Specifies the time stamp of the message.
  • priority: Specifies the Priority of the message.
  • privacy: Specifies the Privacy level of the message.
  • nMessages: Specifies the number of messages present in this structure.
  • bAlert: This is not used
  • dwLang: Specifies the language setting for the message. This is the ISO (ISO 639-1 and ISO 3166 A2 ) defined Language ID.
  • nDigits: Callback Number Information. Specifies the number of digits in the callback number.
  • szDigits: Callback Number Information. Specifies the callback number.
  • encoding: Specifies the type of encoding used in the message. This is of type AEESMSEncoding.
  • is91: This specifies the IS-91 standard EP data type.
  • nLen: Specifies the length of the actual data in the message.
  • data: Specifies the actual data in the message.
  • typedef struct 
       uint16            teleservice;
       AEESMSTimestamp   ts;
       AEESMSPriority    priority;
       AEESMSPrivacy     privacy;
       int               nMessages;     
       boolean           bAlert;
       uint32            dwLang;
       byte              nDigits;
       char              szDigits[SMS_MAX_DIGITS + 1];
       AEESMSEncoding    encoding;
       AEESMSIS91EP      is91;
       byte              nLen;
       byte              data[SMS_MAX_DATA];
    } AEESMSMsg;