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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
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This data type denotes a generic socket address structure.
  • wFamily: the address family (AEE_AF_*)
  • local  : a local domain socket address, currently not supported!
  • inet  :  an IPv4 socket address
  • inet6 :  an IPv6 socket address
  •    typedef union {
          int16            wFamily;
          AEESockAddrLocal local;
          AEESockAddrInet  inet;
          AEESockAddrInet6 inet6;
       } AEESockAddrStorage;
Some BREW functions accept an opaque (void*) pointer to an address. When calling one of these functions, it is applicable to either use a pointer to an AEESockAddrStorage, or a pointer to the appropriate member of AEESockAddrStorage (for example, a pointer to an AEESockAddrInet in the case of an IPv4 socket).