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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Information passed with each call event.
  • cd : call descriptor of the call
  • number : Remote phone number associated with the call
  • alpha : Alpha numeric tag associated with the call
  • disp_type : display type for display information record
  • signal : Alert signal information to be played for the incoming call
  • end_status : call end status
  • missed : TRUE if call was not connected. FALSE otherwise.
  • end_additional_info : Additional information about end/rejection of call (both WCDMA/GSM and CDMA)
  • ect_info : state of explicit call transfer
  • call_error : Call error associated with AEET_EVENT_CALL_ERROR
  • callops_error : call related supplementary services error
  • call_info : Call information
  • typedef struct {
      AEECallDesc            cd; 
      AEETNumber             number;
      AECHAR                 alpha[AEET_MAX_ALPHA_TAG_LENGTH];
      AEETDispType           disp_type;
      AEETSignal             signal;
      AEETEndStatus          end_status;
      boolean                missed;
      AEETEndCause           end_additional_info;
      AEETECTInfo            ect_info;
      AEETCallError          call_error;
      uint32                 callops_error;
      AEETCallInfo           call_info;
    } AEETCallEventData;
alpha text is valid for AEET_EVENT_CALL_CNAP_INFO_RECEIVED or AEET_EVENT_CALL_DISPLAY event only, for other event it will be NULL. Last received alpha text for a call can be accessed from AEETCallEventData::call_info::alpha.