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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Information about a call.
  • call_state : call state - idle, orig, incom, conv, etc.
  • call_type : call type voice, data, otasp, etc.
  • sys_mode : active system mode for this call.
  • direction : direction of the call mobile originated or terminated.
  • start_time : start time of the call (milliseconds since device was powered on)
  • duration : duration of call in milliseconds. updated only after the call ends.
  • alpha : alpha numeric information received.
  • other_party_no : Other party number.
  • other_party_subaddr : other party subaddress.
  • redirect_party_number : redirecting party number
  • forward_cug_info : closed user group information
  • cm_clir : CLIR information - CLIR suppression / invocation etc.
  • cause_of_no_cli : cause of no caller line identification
  • srv_opt : service option
  • privacy_pref : user privacy preference
  • is_privacy : indicate whether privacy mode is ON.
  • alert_ans_bypass : indicate whether the incoming call need to be answered by application.
  • forwarded_from : the number forwarded from if applicable.
  • forwarded_to : list of numbers forwarded to for a call originating from this MS.
  • call_progress : call origination progress information.
  • line_id : line id the call is affiliated.
  • typedef struct {
       AEETCallState          call_state;  
       AEETCallType           call_type;
       AEETSysMode            sys_mode;
       AEETCallDirection      direction;
       uint32                 start_time;
       uint32                 duration;
       AECHAR                 alpha[AEET_MAX_ALPHA_TAG_LENGTH];
       char                   other_party_no[AEET_MAX_DIGITS_LENGTH];
       char                   other_party_subaddr[AEET_MAX_SUBADDRESS_DIGITS_LENGTH];
       AEETNumber             redirect_party_number;
       AEETFwdCugInfo         forward_cug_info;
       AEETCLIR               cm_clir;
       AEETNoCLICause         cause_of_no_cli;
       AEETServiceOption      srv_opt;
       AEETPrivacyPref        privacy_pref;
       boolean                is_privacy;
       boolean                alert_ans_bypass;
       char                   forwarded_from[AEET_MAX_DIGITS_LENGTH];
       char                   forwarded_to[AEET_MAX_NUM_FWDING][AEET_MAX_DIGITS_LENGTH];
       AEETCallProgress       call_progress;
       uint32                 line_id;
    } AEETCallInfo;
alpha contain last received alpha text with AEET_EVENT_CALL_CNAP_INFO_RECEIVED or AEET_EVENT_CALL_DISPLAY call event.