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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
ISPRITE_DrawTiles(), Tile properties, Tile map properties
This struct describes a tile map.
  • pMapArray:  Array of tile indices and properties.  This is a one-dimensional
                   representation of the two-dimensional map.  The rows of the map
                   are unwraped to make this one-dimensional array.  (The first
                   element of the second row follows the last element of the first
                   row.)  The bottom ten bits of each element are used for the index
                   into the tile buffer.  (TILE_INDEX_MASK masks these bits.)  The
                   special index value of TILE_INDEX_NOTHING means "don't draw a tile
                   here."  The TILE_FLIP_, TILE_ROTATE_, and TILE_TRANSPARENT flags
                   are applied to the elements of this array.
    The special value of pMapArray == NULL signifies that this is the last AEETileMap structure in the array passed to ISPRITE_DrawTiles(). In this case, the other members of the AEETileMap structure are ignored.
  • unFlags:    Flags that apply to the entire tile map.  Currently, only
                   MAP_FLAG_WRAP is defined.
  • reserved:   Reserved for future use.  It is VERY important that these be set
                   to zero.
  • unTileSize: Size of the tiles.  This is one of the TILE_SIZE_ values.
  • reserved2:  Reserved for future use.  It is VERY important that these be set
                   to zero.
  •    typedef struct {
          uint16  *pMapArray;
          uint32   unFlags;
          uint32   reserved[4];
          int32    x;
          int32    y;
          uint16   w;
          uint16   h;
          uint8    unTileSize;
          uint8    reserved2[3];
       } AEETileMap;