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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Describes Phone information.
  • is_in_use : indicate whether phone is currently in use
  • oprt_mode : indicate current operating mode
  • test_control_type : indicate current test control type.
  • cdma_lock_mode : indicate whether phone is CDMA locked until power cycle.
  • answer_voice : indicate answer voice preference when active
  • mode_pref : indicate current mode preference
  • pref_term : indicate the current mode preference span.
  • acq_order_pref : Acquisition order preferred by the user/application.
  • srv_domain_pref : service domain preferred by the user/application.
  • band_pref : indicate current band preference
  • roam_pref : indicate current roam preference
  • nam_sel : indicate the NAM selection
  • curr_nam : the current active NAM - when NAM selection is set to AEET_NAM_AUTO
  • hybr_pref : indicate hybrid preference
  • network_sel_mode_pref : network selection mode selected by user/application
  • plmn : identifier of the PLMN to be selcted manually.
  • user_pref_network : user preferred network list
  • available_networks : available networks.
  • is_cdma_subscription_available : indicate whether the cdma subscription/provisioning
              information is available for the device.
  • is_gw_subscription_available : indicate whether the gsm/wcdma subscription/provisioning
              information is available for the device.
  • rtre_config : Current Runtime RUIM Enable configuration.
  • rtre_control : Current Runtime RUIM Enable control.
  • aoc_info : Advice of charge information.
  • ddtm_pref : Dedidated data transmission mode preference.
  • line_info : phone line information.
  • typedef struct {
       boolean                          is_in_use;
       AEETOprtMode                     oprt_mode;
       AEETTestControlType              test_control_type;
       AEETCDMALockMode                 cdma_lock_mode;
       AEETAnsVoicePref                 answer_voice;
       AEETModePref                     mode_pref;
       AEETPrefTerm                     pref_term;
       AEETAcqOrderPref                 acq_order_pref;
       AEETServDomPref                  srv_domain_pref;
       AEETBandPref                     band_pref;
       AEETRoamPref                     roam_pref;
       AEETNAM                          nam_sel;
       AEETNAM                          curr_nam;
       AEETHybrPref                     hybr_pref;
       AEETNwSelModePref                network_sel_mode_pref;
       AEETPLMNID                       plmn;
       AEETUserPLMNList                 user_pref_networks;
       AEETDetailedPLMNList             available_networks;
       boolean                          is_cdma_subscription_available;
       boolean                          is_gw_subscription_available;
       AEETRTREConfig                   rtre_config;
       AEETRTREControl                  rtre_control;
       AEETAOCInfo                      aoc_info;
       AEETDDTMPref                     ddtm_pref;
       AEETLineInfo                     line_info;
    } AEETPhInfo;